Child safety app idea

My wife and I found a lost child at the farmer’s market today. After looking all over for the parents we called 911 to notify the police.

To say the least, it was extremely frustrating realizing that there was no way to communicate with people in the local area about the missing child. I’m sure the child’s parents also wish there was a way to broadcast their search for their child.

This got me thinking. What I needed at that moment was a proximity based social network where information about the found child could be broadcast and where the parents could broadcast the fact that the child was missing. Further safety measures could be put in place such as the child’s and parents’ pictures, physical characteristics, etc. This type of rich information, combined with the child’s picture, could then be sent directly to the police. There are numerous other safety features that could be added.

As for a business model, charge parents a monthly fee to be a part of this network.