Month: July 2010

An Opportunity in Mobile Computing

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Google Android / iPhone (iOS) / Mobile Phones

An obvious and large opportunity exists in the mobile phone market. At present, developing mobile phone apps requires a development team to obtain specialized skills in either Java/Linux for Google’s Android or Objective C for Apple’s iOS. A code generator that can output to both Java and Objective C, combined with an abstraction layer, would appear to be an obvious winner. Clearly, this is a difficult problem to solve, but one that would none the […]

The Fragmentation of Computer Usage

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Back in the 90’s I worked on Sun Solaris servers. Back then, there was an upstart operating system named Linux. Linux lacked the stability of Solaris and more importantly it ran on commodity Intel hardware. This may not sound like a big deal, until you consider that Sun servers of the day often had multiple inbuilt redundancies. A Sun server was really a cluster of multiple servers where a failure in one board simply meant […]