Month: December 2012

Debug a Play Framework 2.0 application with Eclipse

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Play Framework

Introduction Debugging a Play Framework 2.0 application with Eclipse is exceptionally easy to setup. Importantly, using the debugger is integral to developing high quality, complex applications as it provides an easy way to step into your code. YouTube Version I have created a YouTube video that shows the steps below. You can watch the YouTube video at: How to attach the Eclipse debugger to a Play Framework 2.0 application (YouTube) Note: Change the playback quality […]

Revert an uncommitted file in Git

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I’m a relatively recent convert from Subversion to Git, so getting to know the git equivalent of an svn command is challenging. Reverting a file in git actually uses the checkout command. For example, if you want to revert your uncommitted changes for a file named package/, then you would use the following command: git checkout package/