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Please see my prior post on how to Setup virtualenv on Windows. Open PowerShell, then enter the following commands: cd C:\Python27 .\env_tornado\Scripts\activate.bat .\Scripts\easy_install.exe pip pip.exe install tornado -E .\env_tornado   If you want to install in the global site packages, then skip pip above and use: .\Scripts\easy_install.exe tornado That’s it. Time to start writing code.

I’m going to assume you have Python 2.7 correctly installed on Windows at C:\Python27. These instructions are applicable to Windows XP and Windows 7.   Open Windows PowerShell, then enter: cd C:\Python27 .\Scripts\virtualenv.exe –no-site-packages env_tornado And now to activate the new environment: .\env_tornado\Scripts\activate.bat The new virtual environment is now setup and ready for use