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Apple’s Unspoken Advantage: Lower TCO

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Tomorrow is the big day Apple announce the iPad 2 and with too many articles reguritating the same content, I’m a bit taken aback at the complete lack of discussion of Apple’s big competitive advantage: Lower TCO. Yes, you read that correctly. The Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad have a lower TCO than the competition. I buy a lot of content and I’ve come to one distinct conclusion: Over the lifetime of my consumer electronics […]

An Opportunity in Mobile Computing

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An obvious and large opportunity exists in the mobile phone market. At present, developing mobile phone apps requires a development team to obtain specialized skills in either Java/Linux for Google’s Android or Objective C for Apple’s iOS. A code generator that can output to both Java and Objective C, combined with an abstraction layer, would appear to be an obvious winner. Clearly, this is a difficult problem to solve, but one that would none the […]