Engineering Leadership

Effective meetings are an important element in running a high-performance organization. Meetings provide a high-fidelity and efficient means to quickly communicate, collaborate, and coordinate. However, too often meeting lack the structure to necessary to drive the desired outcomes.

Meeting Invite

The following provides a high-level outline of the primary sections to include in meeting invites.

  1. Agenda [required]: Have an agenda for the meeting that defines what topic(s) are to be discussed.
    • Briefing Document [optional]: 1 to 6 page memo that introduces attendees to the subject matter covered in the Agenda.
  2. Desired Outcomes [required]: Why is this meeting being called and what outcomes define a successful meeting?
  3. Associated Documents [optional]: Links to any documents that may be referenced during the meeting.

The Meeting

The meeting is the main show. If you organized the meeting, then you’ll normally assume the role of moderator to help keep everyone on topic.

Meeting Documentation

Meetings consume a significant investment of people’s time. Therefore, make the best use of this time by generating meeting notes.

  1. Meeting Notes [required]: Either take notes yourself or assign the task to another attendee.
    • Action Items [required]: Write down each Action Item that has been created as a result of the meeting and who is responsible for each Action Item.



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