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What you need to know about the new web architecture.

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Web Development

This article is a bit dated given that it was written in 2014. The traditional 3-tier architecture is dead, or at least its dying quickly. In a traditional 3-tier web architecture the tiers were defined as: Client: HTML, CSS and JavaScript Server: A server-side framework in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js/JavaScript, etc. Database: A relational database including stored procedures inside the database Each tier had a specific job to do: – Client: render the UI […]

Debug a Play Framework 2.0 application with Eclipse

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Play Framework

Introduction Debugging a Play Framework 2.0 application with Eclipse is exceptionally easy to setup. Importantly, using the debugger is integral to developing high quality, complex applications as it provides an easy way to step into your code. YouTube Version I have created a YouTube video that shows the steps below. You can watch the YouTube video at: How to attach the Eclipse debugger to a Play Framework 2.0 application (YouTube) Note: Change the playback quality […]

Install express for node.js on Windows 7

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Getting express working on Windows 7 did not work exactly as shown in the vast majority of tutorials/blogs that I found. While simple, it requires an additional step or two. Before we start, the following are the current versions of node and npm that I’m using on Windows 7: node.exe -v v0.6.10 npm -v 1.1.0-3 Open PowerShell, then type: npm install express Unfortunately, this installs express in: C:\Users\Akbar\node_modules If you try to start the node.js […]

A consistent pattern for CSS element positioning

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I spend a lot of time switching between different languages and each has a slightly different pattern for element positioning. This often creates the need to pointlessly look up the rotation pattern for each language, which is no doubt a waste of time. To overcome this, I find that using the default pattern for a language consistently is key. For example, CSS has a different pattern then XAML. However, by reusing CSS’ default pattern it […]