Month: January 2012

Replacing Outlook with Google Apps Email (aka Gmail)

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Replacing Outlook with Google Email (aka Gmail for Business) requires proper setup. In my experience, the most common scenario is for a business to move its email servers to Google, but then completely drop the ball when it comes to setting up the web email client. Sure, you can simply open a browser, login and there’s Gmail. However, this substantially reduces the probability that users will accept the web-based Gmail client, even though it has […]

Output XML using Pyramid and Mako

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I recently had to connect a .NET desktop application to a web service that was built using Pyramid. My first thought was to use JSONP. However, JSONP is only useful for small amounts of data…and I had a lot of data to send/receive. Obviously, communication via an XmlHttpRequest with JSON was not an option due to limitations imposed by the Same Origin Policy (ref: In the end, we chose to use our existing Mako […]

Naming standards and consistency

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Software Development

I’m a big proponent of keeping a consistent naming standard, even when crossing languages. True, capitalization and syntax may change, but the standard should remain. Importantly, I have found that naming should play to the strengths of the operating system. File Names For example, on every operating system you can sort files by name (i.e. in Windows Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac, and so on for Linux, etc.). With this in mind, naming should […]

A consistent pattern for CSS element positioning

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I spend a lot of time switching between different languages and each has a slightly different pattern for element positioning. This often creates the need to pointlessly look up the rotation pattern for each language, which is no doubt a waste of time. To overcome this, I find that using the default pattern for a language consistently is key. For example, CSS has a different pattern then XAML. However, by reusing CSS’ default pattern it […]