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How does the Swype keyboard help me?
Swype is a new keyboard technology that allows you to save time when typing emails, entering contact information or while  you’re performing any other task on your Android phone that requires you to type text.
In brief, Swype Inc. has created a new keyboard technology that allows you to drag your finger across the keyboard instead of pressing one key at a time.
You should spend 5 minutes taking the Swype tutorial as soon as the software is installed. The investment up front is well worth the time.
The following are setup steps that you must complete prior to
  • Follow the instructions to Allow the installation of non-Android Market apps.
Setup Steps
  • On your desktop/laptop computer, open a web browser to http://www.swypeinc.com/
  • Follow the links to join the Swype Beta for Android.
  • Click Register (https://beta.swype.com/android/create/).
  • Fill-in the registration form, then click Submit.
  • Next, check your email for a link to activate your account.
  • Finally, open your email on your Android phone and look for an email from Swype Inc. that contains a link to download the Swype Keyboard. The download will start in the background.
  • Once the download has completed, press the Menu button, touch More, touch Downloads, touch Swype-Installer.apk.
  • Touch Install.
  • Touch Open.
  • Touch Login.
  • Enter your beta username and password, then touch Login.
  • Touch Swype Beta Full (10M).
  • Touch Download Swype.
  • Wait while the application downloads.
  • Touch Install.
  • Touch Done.
  • Touch Enable Swype.
  • Touch Swype to check the checkbox.
  • Touch OK.
  • Touch Swype settings.
  • Touch Word Prediction to check the checkbox.
  • Touch Audio feedback to uncheck the checkbox.
  • Touch Vibrate on keypress to uncheck the checkbox.
  • Press Back. Press Back again.
  • Touch Select Swype.
  • Touch Swype.
  • Touch Start Tutorial and process to take the entire tutorial (It is strongly recommended that you take the tutorial. Swype is extremely easy to use, but it works differently from a standard keyboard. As such, you need to learn how to use Swype technology correctly before you’ll see the speed benefits.



  • There are additional tutorials and shortcuts on http://www.SwypeInc.com. Text entry is a frequent activity on a phone, so the faster you become with Swype the less time you’ll you’ll waste touching individual keys.

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