Engineering Leadership

Last I checked, nothing is free. Bigger monitors cost more that small ones, computers with more RAM cost more than ones with less RAM, and so on.

So, why are people shocked that the Xoom costs more than the iPad, given the fact that it packs higher end hardware? Simply stated, you should pay more for the Xoom.

The Motorola Xoom ($799.99) is competitive with the iPad with 32 GB and 3G ($729.00). While most specs are similar, the Xoom has several superior hardware components that explain the price gap:

  • Larger display
  • Higher resolution monitor
  • 512MB of additional RAM (that’s 2x the RAM in the iPad)
  • 4G wireless
  • SIM card reader
  • Stereo speakers

So, you are paying approx. $70 more to get a larger display with a higher resolution, to double your RAM, to get a 4G wireless card, a SIM card reader and stereo speakers. That said, you have to make a decision whether or not this upgraded hardware is worth the price, but to expect Motorola to sell premium hardware at a discount price is a bit of a stretch.

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