Convert .p12 to .pfx

Converting a .p12 SSL Code Signing Certification to the .pfx format is amazingly simply. I wasted a couple of hours looking on Google without luck. So I hope this post saves someone else the time I wasted.

The facts:
1.) A .p12 and .pfx are the exact same binary format, although the extension differs.
2.) Based on #1, all you have to do is change the file extension.

On Windows, open a command prompt and cd to the directly that contains the .p12 file. Then run the following command:

rename CompanyX.p12 CompanyX.pfx


9 thoughts on “Convert .p12 to .pfx

  1. Thanks, I was wondering if a p12 and pfx are the same. Saved me some time as well. all these Cert formats are very confusing if you don’t deal with them regularly.

  2. OK, but how to convert back from PFX to P12? Just kidding… thank you for this post, I slapped my forehead so hard after wasting even more time than you did.

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