Install Tornado on Windows 7

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Python / Tornado

Please see my prior post on how to Setup virtualenv on Windows.

Open PowerShell, then enter the following commands:

cd C:\Python27


.\Scripts\easy_install.exe pip

pip.exe install tornado -E .\env_tornado


If you want to install in the global site packages, then skip pip above and use:

.\Scripts\easy_install.exe tornado

That’s it. Time to start writing code.

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    • Tornado’s only dependency is the Python standard library, so I was able to install/run it on Windows. That said, I have not developed much on Tornado, this was just a quick install as I wanted to play with it. So, there may or may not be limited functionality on Windows. Also, I primarily develop on Linux and I don’t recall if this was a smoke test to see if our Windows devs could install/use Tornado, or if I ran any sample apps. Sorry for being vague, but I really don’t recall.

      I know there used to be an issue with Tornado’s use of ‘fcntl’ (this is Unix only, and I don’t know if FB has removed this dependency). Also, the prior dependency on ‘pycurl’ is now optional.

      • Awesome, thanks for the helpful reply! I’ll try to follow up here if I experiment further myself.

  1. Thank You! This helped me, so just in case this can help someone else…

    I havee Windows 7 asmy OS and got an error: “ImportError: no module named tornado” when I tried running >ipython notebook

    All I had to do is tweak the working directory:
    >cd C:\Miniconda
    >.\Scripts\easy_install.exe tornado

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