Install Tornado on Windows 7

Please see my prior post on how to Setup virtualenv on Windows.

Open PowerShell, then enter the following commands:

cd C:\Python27


.\Scripts\easy_install.exe pip

pip.exe install tornado -E .\env_tornado


If you want to install in the global site packages, then skip pip above and use:

.\Scripts\easy_install.exe tornado

That’s it. Time to start writing code.


9 thoughts on “Install Tornado on Windows 7

    • Tornado’s only dependency is the Python standard library, so I was able to install/run it on Windows. That said, I have not developed much on Tornado, this was just a quick install as I wanted to play with it. So, there may or may not be limited functionality on Windows. Also, I primarily develop on Linux and I don’t recall if this was a smoke test to see if our Windows devs could install/use Tornado, or if I ran any sample apps. Sorry for being vague, but I really don’t recall.

      I know there used to be an issue with Tornado’s use of ‘fcntl’ (this is Unix only, and I don’t know if FB has removed this dependency). Also, the prior dependency on ‘pycurl’ is now optional.

  1. Thank You! This helped me, so just in case this can help someone else…

    I havee Windows 7 asmy OS and got an error: “ImportError: no module named tornado” when I tried running >ipython notebook

    All I had to do is tweak the working directory:
    >cd C:\Miniconda
    >.\Scripts\easy_install.exe tornado

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