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Pentaho Design Studio (PDS) is a BI plugin for Eclipse. I’m going to download the complete package as Pentaho was nice enough to integrate the plugin with Eclipse for us.


To download the Pentaho Design Studio (PDS) either run the following command, or follow the bulleted steps below.

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/pentaho/Design%20Studio/4.0.0-stable/pds-ce-linux-64-4.0.0-stable.tar.gz

Or follow the steps below if you don’t want to use the wget command shown above.


I am going to assume that you have downloaded the file listed above into the Downloads directory in your Home directory.

Open a terminal and enter the following commands:

mkdir bin
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xzf pds-ce-linux-64-4.0.0-stable.tar.gz
mv design-studio/ ~/bin/pds-ce-linux-64-4.0.0
cd ~/bin
ln -s pds-ce-linux-64-4.0.0 design-studio
vi ~/.profile

Near the bottom of the file you should see the PATH variable. Append :$HOME/bin/design-studio to end of the PATH.

For example, my PATH was:

…which I updated to:

It’s better to append :$HOME/bin/design-studio to end of the PATH than the beginning so that we don’t accidentally step on another installation of Eclipse. Also, as we created a symlink named pds we are less likely to have PDS inaccessible due to another Eclipse installation that is earlier in the PATH.

Next, we’ll create a symlink named pds so that we can type a shorter command to open Pentaho Design Studio.

cd ~/bin/design-studio
ln -s eclipse pds

Finally, source your profile to update your environment.

source ~/.profile

Now just type pds and press the Enter key:


2 thoughts on “Install Pentaho Design Studio 4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop

  1. anan says:

    After doing all ‘what u said above” ……am getting error …as cannot execute binary file..help me

    1. akbarsahmed says:

      make the file executable

      chmod +x filename

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