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This is my personal .bash_aliases file that is mainly used for Cloudera CDH4 (Hadoop) and Pentaho. As a result, many of my aliases are specific to these software packages.

I plan to update this post as my .bash_aliases file expands. I will also push my .bash_aliases file into Git to make it easier to keep up with changes to the file.

How to create a .bash_aliases file

vi ~/.bash_aliases

Paste the following into the file.

# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# Personal: ~/.bash_aliases
# Akbar S. Ahmed
# Last modified: 2012.06.25
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

# ———————————————–
# General
# ———————————————–

alias c=’clear’ # Clear the screen
alias df=’df -Th’ # Disk free space
alias du=’du -h’ # Disk usage
alias h=’history’ # Bash history
alias j=’jobs -l’ # Current running jobs

# ———————————————–
# ls
# ———————————————–

alias lx=’ls -lXB’ # Sort by extension
alias lk=’ls -lSr’ # Sort by size (small to big)
alias lc=’ls -ltcr’ # Sort by change time (old to new)
alias lu=’ls -ltur’ # Sort by change time (new to old)
alias lt=’ls -ltr’ # Sort by date (old to new)

# ———————————————–
# Hadoop Admin (sudo)
# ———————————————–

alias shcat=’sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -cat’ # Output a file to standard out
alias shchown=’sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chown’ # Change ownership
alias shchmod=’sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chmod’ # Change permissions
alias shls=’sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -ls’ # List files
alias shmkdir=’sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -mkdir’ # Make a directory

# ———————————————–
# Hadoop (regular user)
# ———————————————–

alias hcat=’hadoop fs -cat’ # Output a file to standard out
alias hchown=’hadoop fs -chown’ # Change ownership
alias hchmod=’hadoop fs -chmod’ # Change permissions
alias hls=’hadoop fs -ls’ # List files
alias hmkdir=’hadoop fs -mkdir’ # Make a directory

source ~/.bash_aliases

3 thoughts on “Create a .bash_aliases file

  1. fion8828@hotmail.com says:

    Just FYI, those quotation marks should be double quotation marks.

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