Month: June 2012

Create a .bash_aliases file

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Hadoop / Linux / Pentaho

Introduction This is my personal .bash_aliases file that is mainly used for Cloudera CDH4 (Hadoop) and Pentaho. As a result, many of my aliases are specific to these software packages. I plan to update this post as my .bash_aliases file expands. I will also push my .bash_aliases file into Git to make it easier to keep up with changes to the file. How to create a .bash_aliases file vi ~/.bash_aliases Paste the following into the […]

Uninstall Java from Ubuntu Linux

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Software Development

Introduction Hopefully you won’t need these instructions due to a botched install, but there may come a time where you need to uninstall a version of the JDK/JVM. These instructions are for the Oracle JDK 1.7.0 Update 4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. If you are using a different version of the JDK, then change the version numbers listed below. I have also included instructions for removing the OpenJDK at the bottom of this post. Uninstall […]

Install Java JDK 6.0 update 31 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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Hadoop / Pentaho

Introduction The first question is why are we installing an old JDK. The answer is that Oracle JDK 6.0 update 31 is the JDK recommended by Cloudera when installing CDH4 (Cloudera Distribution Hadoop v4). This is an update to an older version of this post. Mainly I have changed the JDK from 1.6.0_26 to 1.6.0_31 as this is the recommended JDK for CDH4. Install Java I have a 64 bit version of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS […]