Engineering Leadership

I’ve been “trying” to use Google Wallet for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve pretty much given up. When it works it’s great…but that’s the problem. You never know when it’ll actually work.

First, it’s anybody’s guess if an in-store reader will even work. The same reader may work in the morning, then completely fail to work in the evening. If you go to 2 different Peet’s locations then you may be able to buy a coffee with Google Wallet at one, and then you’ll have to pull out your credit card at the other.

Second, the Google Wallet app fails to open on the Galaxy Nexus from time to time, which is always fun when you have a long line behind you (solution: put the phone away and pull out a credit card).

Google is in the habit of releasing buggy software then iterating quickly. But Wallet is different, this is money they are working with and errors are not acceptable. Wallet is a great idea that’s poorly implemented.

With that said, I bid adieu to Wallet and start my wait for someone else to release a better digital credit card app.

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