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Google Drive

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Introduction Google Drive is a combination of cloud storage and local disk synchronization services. Google Drive allows you to use Google’s servers as your primary file storage, and then sync those files to one or more devices. Supported devices include Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, and Android (tables and phones). Google Drive differs from sharing oriented services where the file is uploaded to a server to be shared (like a browser […]

Google Wallet on Android

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Google Android

What is the Google Wallet Android app? I have finally had an occasion to use the Google Wallet app on my Galaxy Nexus. So what is the Google Wallet Android app? It’s basically an Android app that acts like a digital credit card that you can use to purchase coffee at Peet’s, medicine at CVS and so on. There is a special reader in the store that you tap your phone against when checking out […]