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Kettle is the brand name of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

Create a Kettle repository

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Introduction Open Kettle cd ~/bin/data-integration To run Spoon: ./ Create a new repository Run the following in a terminal. mkdir ~/kettle The steps below are performed within the PDI UI. In the Repository Connection dialog box, click the small green plus symbol. In the Select the repository type dialog box, select Kettle file repository. Click OK In the File repository settings dialog box, enter the following information: Base directory: /home/akbar/kettle Read-only repository?: Leave unchecked Hide […]

Install Kettle 4.3.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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Introduction Kettle is Pentaho’s ETL tool, which is also called Pentaho Data Integration (PDI). Installing Kettle is extremely simple. Install Java Follow the JDK installation instructions that are listed in the following post: Install Java JDK 6.0 update 31 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Download To download the Kettle either run the following command, or follow the bulleted steps below. wget Or follow the steps below if you don’t want to use the wget command […]