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Find and Replace Text with sed

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Hadoop / Linux

Introduction sed provides a quick and easy way to find and replace text via it’s search command (‘s’). Sample File Copy and paste the following text into a file named practice01.txt. Author: Akbar S. Ahmed Date: July 1, 2012 Subject: Sed sed is an extremely useful Unix/Linux/*nix utility that allows you to manipulate a text stream. It is useful when working with Hadoop, as sed is often used to manipulate text prior to MapReduce. sed […]

What is sed?

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Hadoop / Linux

Introduction sed is short for Stream EDitor, which is a utility that allow you to parse and transform text one line at a time. sed is a useful tool, along with grep and awk, when manipulating text files. It is also often overlooked when working with Hadoop, although the use of sed, awk and grep can help speed up processing times by preprocessing text before sending it to a MapReduce job.