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How does the Barcode Scanner help me?
Links to Android apps are often displayed as QR codes, which are really just bar codes. Often, the quickest way to download an Android app is to scan it’s QR code. These QR codes are often displayed on a web page that can be scanned using your Android phone.
Other than scanning QR codes, Barcode Scanner can be used to scan bar codes at a store to quickly bring up product reviews and prices.
Setup Steps
  • Touch Market.
  • Press Search.
  • Enter barcode scanner in the search box, then touch the search icon.
  • Touch Barcode Scanner.
  • Touch Install.
  • Wait while Barcode Scanner is downloaded.
  • Touch Barcode Scanner to open the app.
  • Touch Done.
  • Congrats, you can now scan bar codes using Barcode Scanner on Android.

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