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How does the Quick Profiles help me?
Profiles are nothing more than a collection of settings, such screen brightness, WiFi on, GPS off, ringer off, and so on. Quick Profiles allows you to create profiles and easily switch between them. When you walk into a meeting you can quickly set the phone to silent mode with GPS off (to save battery) by selecting a Meeting profile using Quick Profiles.
Setup Steps
  • Touch Market.
  • Press Search.
  • Enter quick profiles in the search box, then touch the search icon.
  • Touch Quick Profiles.
  • Touch Install.
  • Touch OK.
  • Wait while Quick Profiles is downloaded.
  • Touch Quick Profiles to open the app.
  • Touch Close.
  • Congrats, you can now create new profiles using Quick Profiles on Android.


Quick Profiles allows you to manually set and change simple profiles.  Later, I’ll show you how to setup advanced profiles based on triggers, timers, locations and other automated updates using Tasker.

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