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How does the Tasker help me?
Tasker allows you to automate Android. Essentially, you use Tasker to automate a series of tasks based on some event such as turning on GPS when you plus your phone into your car’s docking station. It helps you by removing the need to remember to change how Android is configured as you move throughout your day.
Setup Steps
  • Touch Market.
  • Press Search.
  • Enter Tasker in the search box, then touch the search icon.
  • Touch Tasker.
  • Touch Buy.
  • Touch OK.
  • Select your payment option, then touch Buy now: UK 3.99.
  • Wait while Tasker is downloaded.
  • Touch Tasker to open the app.
  • Touch OK.
  • Congrats, you can now create new actions using Tasker on Android.

Learn More

You can learn more about Tasker on the apps home page at http://tasker.dinglisch.net.

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